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My Cantorial Mission (Shlichut - "Sheliach Tzibbur") is to represent the community, and make the community to feel the power of Davening. 

The Nusach, the authentic, ancient melody (tunes) of the Jewish Prayers is a wonderful base for the everyday, the year-cycle, and life-cycle meetings of congregation for Davening. 

However, about a century ago the Cantorial Masterpieces made the most beautiful part of the Chazzanut; today the Congregational singing became also very important, to make an "interactive Davening", to make the people more involved. But the work is not really done yet. We should carefully focus on our melodies for congregational songs, to select them being suitable for the original nusach melodies and modes. On this website some of them is published, please feel free to send your comments and advises: